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Fate Grand Order


Gilgamesh from the Fate/Type-Moon franchise is one of my all-time favorite characters, and I have cosplayed different versions of him throughout the years. This post focuses on building his armor from the first time to the most recent time.

When I decided to create the popular armor featured in the mobile game Fate Grand Order, I knew it would be a large undertaking. That's why I worked with Fred Reed of Fred and Elle Designs, a master foamsmith and wonderful cosplayer in the community. He helped me pattern out the insane anime/game-style costume into something wearable and walked me through foam crafting and armor making for the first time.

After going to a few cons with the first armor, I decided to make some upgrades for a better fit, plus re-paint it due to wear. This turned into "battle-damaged Gil" for MomoCon and Angelica's archer form from Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei! The additional armor for the left arm and right hand were made with help from Fred as well.

The next iteration of Gil's armor was a brand new one made from scratch. My group of fellow Fate-obsessed friends decided to do an alter version of the characters we normally portray for a con, so I found some designs I liked and made Alter Gilgamesh a reality! I took what I had learned from Fred and other projects over the years since making the first version of the armor and did the patterning, crafting, painting, and finishing touches myself. I even bought and painted a bodysuit so I wouldn't have to enlist the help of friends to paint me at the con.


2016, 2019


Armor Making/Foamsmithing

Detail Painting


Holiday Matsuri



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