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Halloween Preview

Here are the costumes I have planned for this year's Halloween!

While I dress up all year long, I still enjoy Halloween for allowing me to use my cosplay skills. I usually do a classic costume, such as Wednesday Addams, and dabble in horror--like with Chucky the Murder Doll. For the 2022 Halloween season, I'd like to do a few new cosplays and revamp some older ones:


After reading her memoir, Yours Cruelly, I've fallen in love with Elvira and her campy, sultry look. As the Queen of Halloween, it was about time I thought about cosplaying as her! I was able to find a base costume and pre-styled wig that I will embellish and debut on October 1st.


Now that I've cosplayed as Wednesday (and adult Wednesday), I want to cosplay as Mother Addams: Morticia. As a classic Halloween favorite, I'm excited to don a long black wig and curve-hugging dress to cut some roses and dine by candlelight.

Chucky 2.0

It's time to redo Chucky! I got a new wig for a femme version of the psychopathic doll and plan to do a photoshoot for both the Good Guys Charles and Killer Doll versions. This new cosplay will take after the Bishoujo statue.

Coming up will be a look at the new cosplays and costume builds I plan on tackling over the next year!

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