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Introducing the Cosplay 101 Series

Cosplay 101 presentation title card that reads "Cosplay 101 How to: Cosplay by Nikiracos" in a faux web page with white, pink, and soft yellow colors.

To help new cosplayers or those who want to learn more about cosplay, I am creating a Cosplay 101 series to be presented in panels at conventions and events, as well as blog posts highlighting tips for each topic!

How To

Ever wondered where to start or how to get into cosplay? Then this series is for you! The topics I will be covering include how to:

  • Wear wigs

  • Pack for cons/events

  • Have confidence

  • Thrift & alter costumes

  • Use social media

  • Book photoshoots

These cover the basics of cosplay and how to be a cosplayer in the current landscape of content creation and mainstream nerdom. Each topic is influenced by my personal experience and how things have changed over the years.

Content Creation

In addition to the basics, I am also creating presentations for cosplayers who specialize in content creation. These will include information on how to self-shoot at home, utilize social media, plus more topics.


I also plan to cover safety measures for attending conventions as a cosplayer or fan, as well as how to keep yourself safe online as a sex worker who produces cosplay content. Outside of the pandemic, there are other concerns to attending conventions and events as a cosplayer, especially for the disabled or marginalized groups. Likewise, there are certain precautions and security measures you should take when considering producing and sharing NSFW content.

What Would You Like To Know?

What other topics would you like to be covered in this series? What aspect of costume play do you want to know more about? Comment your ideas below or on my social media channels!

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